Frequently Asked Question

1How do you communicate for a project? Do we have to meet?
No not necessarily. I have completed many big projects just by email and/or phone. I will work however you want me to, by email, phone or face to face.
2How do you charge for your services?
I tend to charge my work out in stages. When you and I are happy that they stage is complete I will collect that stage payment. This prevents having to pay a big bulk payment. I accept payment by PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash.
3I am looking to sell items on a website, can you do this?
Yes! I can set you up with a website where you can manage your stock and provide you an online store. Keep track of all your orders and do it all by yourself! I will provide training and guides just in case but believe me it is really easy to manage.
4How long does it take?
It can take anything from 1 week to 3 all depends on the type of thing your looking for. I never like to rush a project and take my time to ensure you and I are both happy with it.
5I want a logo but don't have a clue how to start?
I can help you with this. I provide multiple ideas and designs on your logo. Its not often I get it right first time but the exercise is more to help you get a better idea of shapes, sizes, colours and fonts. Before you know it with a little bit of back and forth you will have your desired logo.
6I would like a particular web address, can you get this for me?
If the web address you desire is available then I will secure this for you. This will part of the services I offer to you.
7Are your sites mobile friendly?
All sites created are responsive and can be view on any mobile or tablet device.
8Can you get me high up on google?
I ensure all the sites I create are achieving the highest results possible. These things take time and a number of things like site traffic and competition can affect site rankings. I constantly work behind the scenes to ensure your site is performing the best it can as this helps with my rankings aswell so its in my best interest!